Creating with Love + Meaning = JeannieRichard

She loves tea, he loves coffee.
She loves sea, he loves mountains.
She keeps curtains open, he keeps them closed.
She loves him, and he loves her.
Two equals one.
- - -
Behind the brand name JeannieRichard is a husband and wife tandem.
Our jewelry focuses on the beauty of beads together with our distinctly modern designs that are classy and trendy with a touch of Egyptian Art Deco style. We aim to break the mindset of beaded jewelry being hobby like or overly grand. Rather, we seek to be every ladies' everyday go-to accessory to work, school and play without breaking the bank. It is our desire for JeannieRichard jewelry to rise to your occasion, your daily styling, and become your sentimental heirloom.

Every design by us is deliberated with love and meaning.
Every bead is scrutinised for form and color.
Every piece is personally handmade by us.
You will experience for yourself that every JeannieRichard piece has a unique story just as you are and from this unique voice within you, you will find a JeannieRichard piece that resonates with you to make you feel, "This is SO me!"

With much love + gratitude, XO!
Jeannie + Richard

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